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Everybody is on their phone. But they all drain the battery so the user is always fighting to keep their life line to the world demanding MORE Power. So a Top Up charge on the move is a life saver. But is the retailer missing a trick? Not if they are letting their customers get a free Top up Charge whilst increasing Dwell & Up Selling opportunity.

iOS 11 Faster Battery drainage

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The Telegraph


If you’re wondering if your iPhone’s battery has been running out more quickly since you downloaded iOS 11, you’re not alone. Researchers have found that the initial release of iOS 11 drains iPhone batteries more than twice as fast as the previous operating system iOS 10 did.

The analysis from mobile security company Wandera claimed the average battery decy for an iPhone running iOS 10 under constant use is 240 minutes. For devices that have upgraded to iOS 11, the decay time is just 96 minutes. However, recent patches to iOS 11 appear to have limited the battery drain.

Wandera analysed the battery decay of 50,000 iPhones and iPads on its network that were used moderately to heavily. It compared the average battery drain over three days and estimated the average.

A drop in battery life is fairly common on older devices that upgrade, since new operating systems often use more power than previous ones.

They also have early bugs that are fixed in subsequent releases. But the problem with iOS 11, designed for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, has been notable among many users.

The findings appear to explain why so many iPhone owners have flooded social media with complaints since the release of iOS 11.

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