Smart Phones 2018 the Facts

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Why are smartphones so important?
According to the Pew Research Center, over 70% of adults (18+) in the United States are smartphone users. It’s not uncommon for a smartphone charge to run out before the day is over. That means that over 70% of adults are looking for a place to charge up. The abilities of smartphones are pretty impressive, but with all that work comes a quick loss of power.

  • The average smartphone user touches their phone over 2,000 times each day.
  • Worldwide, the population of smartphone users is about 80%.
  • Over 50% of smartphone users in the United States say they use their smartphones to help them find restaurants and bars nearby.
  • On average, American smartphone users spend over 4 hours each day using their phone.
  • Most smartphone users take over 150 photos each month.
  • Over 50% of smartphone users reported they no longer use a watch or alarm clock, and instead use their phone.


First Impressions Count. So do the other 151,200 – 216,00

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Nexus Computer has been trading for 30 years and technology has changed so much. The most import piece of personal tech is your mobile phone everyone lives their life’s on it. But it always requires a recharge or top up charge. So here’s a device that provides that service, tethering the customer within 2 foot of the screen’s  and gives you the ability to increase dwell & up sell. More Money in your till.


Each DMMC has two built in 7 inch HD screens that show 10 second impressions on a slide show format. That’s between 151,200 – 216,000 impressions per month. (Based on One DMMC) Displaying your products you choose to up sell. Based on an extra profit £7 per table, per day that’s over £450 per week over £25,000* per year. With a ROI of One Month. We offer managed services of device management and impression design for 10p a unit a day. (*based on 10 tables)


People eat with their eyes first & first impressions count and so does the other 151,200 – 216,000


Key features.

Digital Menu Mobile Charger DMMC

Charges up to 4 devices. 2 Built in USB Ports

Dual 7”HD Screens show over ads 151,200 – 216,000 a month*

WIFI enabled for advertisement up loading

Small foot print with an Anti-theft security system

Inc Spare cables 2 Lightning, 2 Micro USB, 2 Type C

Runs for up to 10 hours with a recharge of 4 hours.

No trailing power cables 100% Tax Deductible

ROI  One Month


Turn your Customer’s into an audience