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We offer consumer and B2B solutions across all areas of the mobile landscape including applications, app development, full server systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), big data and analytics, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). We work with organisations to identify what challenges they face in their business and advise how the right technology can help grow revenue, reduce costs and create competitive advantage.

Much of our success can be attributed to the way in which we do business and our ethos centred on unparalleled quality. Recognised for our honest, genuine and personable nature, Apadmi prides itself on its ability to develop quality applications, the kind that engage and excite users for years, the ones that fundamentally revolutionise corporate processes and are met with prestigious industry recognition.


Bidhoo  Web Bidooh 

Dec 2014
Abdul & Shaz were looking for some tech inspiration as they watched the movie “Minority Report”. They had a Eureka moment and decided to build an advertising screen that changes automatically and recognises people as they walk towards it.

July 2016
They then spent 18 months of their spare time locked away in their garage, building what they believe to be the worlds first dynamically changing personalised billboard screen.

August 2016
They knocked on many doors for many months unsuccessfully looking for seed capital. The idea caught Michael Edelson’s eye and after a short presentation he knew exactly how this idea could scale. Together with three of his like minded colleagues, they provided the initial £200,000 required to reach Stage 2.

Sept 2016
The investment allowed the technology to be completed and Manchester Arndale shopping centre had the foresight and allowed the system to be demonstrated live in their mall. It was an instant success. Thank you Arndale.

Nov 2016
Offer Moments, as it was then called, won 5 awards for innovation including the coveted Prince Andrew’s “Pitch@Palace” challenge. They were chosen ahead of 5,000 participants and won the final at St James Palace, hosted by the Prince and attended by HM The Queen.

March 2017
Michael becomes Chairman and his group makes a follow-on investment to build out the solution.

April 2017
Michael brings on Paul Althasen to join the board and Paul makes a significant investment. He also adds a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Board.

May 2017
We then worked with the award winning, leading mobile technology group, Apadmi.  In conjunction with Apadmi, the board, and founders, a revolutionary idea formed, and the business pivoted into what it is doing today. They were so impressed that they asked if they could invest and bring their special knowledge to the Board.

July 2017
We came out of stealth with the new idea, announcing the product “bidooh” and initiated a significant roll-out plan and began preparations to put our technology into the initial 100 petrol forecourt screens.  Garry Partington, joins the company as CEO to help drive the business forward.

Apadmi © Bidooh© Queens Award

 Michael Edelson Chairman Non-executive director of Manchester United F.C. since 1982.  He is an angel investor, venture capitalist and philanthropist who has been instrumental in creating numerous cash shell companies on both AIM.





Garry Partington CEO Garry founded award winning Apadmi and RealityMine. Since launching the company in April 2012, led both companies to rapid growth and expansion.

Shahzad Mughal – CTO Ex consultant and software developer at BBC, NHS & JD Williams. Builder of hyper-scalable enterprise and mobile platforms from the ground up. Built the OfferMoments MVP from the ground up. 


Abdul Alim –CMO Ex consultant at Capita Plc, built and managed large scale payment platforms collecting £1bn of monthly

payments including TfL Congestion Charging System, BBC TV Licencing and 220 councils payment platforms.

Nexus DMMC & Apadmi & Bidooh

I showed the DMMC to one of my friends Mr Garry Partington of Apadmi & Bidhoo © based in Manchester, This award winning company won the Queens Award (best app) 2016. It is the UK’s leading mobile technology group. Their work awards – best app 2017, Largest digital Agency of the year 2016 and app Developer of the year.

Garry (CEO) with Shahzad Mughal (CTO), Abdul Alim (CMO), Micheal Edelson (Chairman) & (Non-executive director of Manchester United F.C. since 1982). Started Bidooh and their award winning software that is now available on the DMMC.

The Bidooh software will display and show advertisements on the DMMC, 7” HD Screen and will pay the retailer an advertising revenue stream that far exceeds its initial cost of purchase. Bidooh will work with your business IT department to help setup the DMMC’s and will agree with you the adverts to be screened.

So you have 2 choices

 1          Display your own digital content on the DMMC and up sell.

2          Work with Nexus & Apadmi / Bidooh and receive an advertising revenue stream.

Bidooh Advertising Revenue Stream

Example :

10 tables with DMMC on each of them showing both yours and Bidooh’s advertising

£7 per table, per day additional profit through direct dwell and upsell = £25,200 per year

Your share of Bidooh advertising revenue, based on 10 advertisers choosing your establishment to advertise =

£3,276 per year (assumes 10 tables showing adverts for 5 hours per day 7 days per week)

This equals an annual additional revenue stream of £28,476 per year for an investment of only £1,750 meaning a single month return on investment.

In either case the rewards far exceeds its initial cost of purchase and you attract customers to your business and increase their dwell and up sell time by offering a Free top up Charge.