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2. DMMC Product Overview

First impressions count and so do the next 720 every hour.

Introducing the latest in cutting edge, at the table, mobile device charging, dynamic digital advertising technology to the UK hospitality sector. (Shortlisted for the Restaurant Tech Awards in September 2018.)

Say HELLO to Digital Advertising and GOODBYE to expensive printing.  The Digital Menu Mobile Charger (DMMC) provides seamless business to customer interaction. Whether advertising weekly specials or showcasing your new products, our WiFi enabled mobile phone charger stations give you control of instant and simultaneous media updates.

10* DMMC’s show over 1.8 Million adverts per year. An upsell of only £7 per table per day generates an extra £25,000 per year.

Advertisements work. People eat with their eyes first.

Advertisements work. Being able to connect with your customer via an advertisement, giving you the ability to up sell directly to your customer from the table, is a very powerful tool. Product Promotions, Drinks, Starters, Side Dishes, Main Courses, Desserts, Special Offers, Upcoming Events. All designed to add value to YOUR business.

Advertisements work. Building trust through engaging ads is a very smart way to get your name out there and establish the connection needed to earn yourself a lifelong customer.

The Importance of Power

We’ve all been in a bind when it comes to our smartphone battery running low or dying, and it is very inconvenient. Nobody wants to get the ‘low battery’ alert while they are out shopping, on vacation with family, or enjoying a night out with friends. As soon as your phone dies when you’re away from home, all sorts of frustrations run through your mind: “What if expecting an important call, text, email? You can’t contact people, arrange to meet up, take any more pictures! You’re Powerless!

Why are smartphones so important?
According to the Pew Research Centre, over 70% of adults in the United States are smartphone users. It’s not uncommon for a smartphone charge to run out before the day is over. That means that over 70% of adults may be are looking for a place to charge.

  • The average smartphone user touches their phone over 2,000 times each day.
  • Worldwide, the population of smartphone users is about 80%.
  • Over 50% of smartphone users in the United States say they use their smartphones to help them find restaurants and bars nearby.
  • On average, American smartphone users spend over 4 hours each day using their phone.
  • Most smartphone users take over 150 photos each month.
  • Over 50% of smartphone users reported they no longer use a watch or alarm clock, and instead use their phone.

With our innovative DMMC stations you are able to provide a charging solution to your customers increasing Dwell & Up Selling opportunities.

The Digital Menu Mobile Charger provides digital advertising that engages customers with direct advertisement driving higher sales and satisfying our customers’ charging needs. Why not sell advertising space to your suppliers or other local complementary businesses?

Don’t have digital media capability? We can remotely manage, design and upload all of your advertisements for you.

Key Points

  • Pushing Foot Fall  Increase Dwell & Up Sell
  • Increasing Loyalty  Retail & Hospitality, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs
  • More Money in your Till  2018 Say Hello to Digital Advertising. Goodbye to expensive printing
  • DMMC Charges up to 4 devices
  • Dual 7” HD Screens display over 150,000 impressions a month*
  • WiFi enabled for dynamic uploading of advertisements
  • Small foot print & Anti-theft security system included
  • Spare cables 2 Lightning, 2 Micro USB, 2 Type C
  • No trailing power cables
  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • ROI  – One Month

First Impressions Count  First Impressions Count April 2018

Impression Booklet         YOU EAT WITH YOUR EYES FIRST March 2018

DMMC Introduction       1A DMMC introduction March 2018

Increase your profits by offering a Free “Top up” Charging service?

Bidooh Advertising Revenue Stream

Example :

10 tables with DMMC on each of them showing both yours and Bidooh’s advertising

£7 per table, per day additional profit through direct dwell and upsell = £25,200 per year

Your share of Bidooh advertising revenue, based on 10 advertisers choosing your establishment to advertise =

£3,276 per year (assumes 10 tables showing adverts for 5 hours per day 7 days per week)

This equals an annual additional revenue stream of £28,476 per year for an investment of only £1,750 meaning a single month return on investment.

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Nexus Computers History –  30 years experience in the I.T. Industry (April 2018 – Est 1988)