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Nexus Computers History – 30 years’ experience in the I.T. Industry (April 2018 – Est 1988)

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DMMC Introduction       1A DMMC introduction March 2018

The beginning Nexus Computer & Office Supplies established, supplying local businesses with I.T. Office Equipment and Consumable products, evolving into specialist supply and support of UNIX, Xenix, NT and Novell systems and networks.


Entered specialist computer physical security sector, designing, manufacturing and supplying computer safes and

Security products into the educational, health and local government sectors.


Became supplier of computer security products into blue-chip companies in the retail sector to secure point of sale

Products (Notebooks, Netbooks).


With the launch of the Apple iPad in April 2010 added specialist security products to the range, including desktop stands for point of display.


Focusing on the consumer experience in mobile phone stores, we realised that most displays consist of dummy devices denying the purchaser the opportunity to fully experience the device; leading to research and design of a practical, secure solution


Launch the precision-engineered Pro-Teck mobile phone security range, allowing the full customer experience of the mobile phone, increasing immediate desire to buy and eliminating theft of high value devices


Offer full bespoke design and manufacturing solutions for our clients’ point of display security problems

2016 – 2017

Introduction of a full range of secure tablet kiosks to house iPad 2,3,4 Air Air2 & mini, and other tablets at point of sale or anywhere in the retail environment. Using my knowledge of security and working with a Chinese manufacturer to provide the most secure stylist tablet kiosk available on the World Market. Officially launched at the ISE Show in Holland February 2017. Introduction of the DMMC into the UK market with its ability to charge mobile devices and show  advertisements  to a customer and up sell to them as their dwell time is increased due to their need to charge their mobile phone & devices.

A simple premise

If you ask someone “what’s your most important electronic device?” You will find the top answer is “My Mobile Phone”. If that’s lost, broken or runs out of power they are devastated. So offering a FREE “Top up” charge is enticing proposal. Being able to “up sell” too them while you have a captive customer is an opportunity not to be missed.

2017 DMMC Nexus & Apadmi & Bidhoo ©

I showed the DMMC to one of my friends Mr Garry Partington of Apadmi & Bidhoo © based in Manchester, This award winning company won the Queens Award (best app) 2016. It is the UK’s leading mobile technology group. Their work awards – best app 2017, Largest digital Agency of the year 2016 and app Developer of the year.

Garry (CEO) with Shahzad Mughal (CTO), Abdul Alim (CMO), Micheal Edelson (Chairman) & (Non-executive director of Manchester United F.C. since 1982). Started Bidooh and their award winning software that is now available on the DMMC.

The Bidooh software will display and show advertisements on the DMMC, 7” HD Screen and will pay the retailer an advertising revenue stream that far exceeds its initial cost of purchase. Bidooh will work with your business IT department to help setup the DMMC’s and will agree with you the adverts to be screened.

So you have 2 choices

 1          Display your own digital content on the DMMC and UP sell.

2          Work with Nexus & Apadmi / Bidooh and receive an advertising revenue stream.

Bidooh Advertising Revenue Stream

Example :

10 tables with DMMC on each of them showing both yours and Bidooh’s advertising

£7 per table, per day additional profit through direct dwell and upsell = £25,200 per year

Your share of Bidooh advertising revenue, based on 10 advertisers choosing your establishment to advertise =

£3,276 per year (assumes 10 tables showing adverts for 5 hours per day 7 days per week)

This equals an annual additional revenue stream of £28,476 per year for an investment of only £1,750 meaning a single month return on investment.

In either case the rewards far exceeds its initial cost of purchase and you attract customers to your business and increase their dwell and up sell time by offering a Free top up Charge.

Key Points

  • Pushing Foot Fall  Increase Dwell & Up Sell
  • Increasing Loyalty  Retail & Hospitality, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs
  • More Money in your Till  2018 Say Hello to Digital Advertising. Goodbye to expensive printing
  • DMMC Charges up to 4 devices
  • Dual 7” HD Screens display over 150,000 impressions a month*
  • WiFi enabled for dynamic uploading of advertisements
  • Small foot print & Anti-theft security system included
  • Spare cables 2 Lightning, 2 Micro USB, 2 Type C
  • No trailing power cables
  • 100% Tax Deductible
  • ROI  – One Month

Peter: 07885 280369        Email: peter@pos-security.net     Web www.pos-security.net

David: 07875 662199        Email: david@pos-security.net     Web www.menumobilecharger.co.uk
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Nexus Computers History –  30 years experience in the I.T. Industry (April 2018 – Est 1988)